12 June 2013

Today was awesome

I got up and went to Crossfit at 6 am. I really don't have time to do that, but I love the 6 am workout. That's my favorite. So I went today. It was a great WOD but that wasn't the really great thing. For the last couple of weeks, I've been stuck at 50#. In almost any move, I default to 50#. I'm afraid of hurting my shoulder, and there are some moves when it just doesn't feel strong enough. I can do anything with 50#. Which is quite amazing when you think about it, but that's for another post. The WOD today was:

  • 11 front squats
  • 220 jump rope
  • 8 front squats
  • 160 jump rope
  • 5 front squats
  • 100 jump rope
A fairly short workout, so they wanted the weights on the front squat to be heavy to make it intense. My mind immediately went to 50#, but I said no. My max front squat is 135#. 80% of that is about 110# - that's what I should have used. I compromised and used 95#. At first I could not even get it off the floor. But eventually I did and I did the entire WOD with 95#. 
It was hard, but not impossible. My shoulder didn't say a word the entire time and I was the first one done. The first person done usually makes me think one of two things. Either I look at them and think, wow, they killed it. Or I look at them and think, they could have used more weight. I was the first person done and there was no way I could have done more weight. What saved me was I jump rope really fast. Also, the next person was less than 30 seconds behind me. So I can say with confidence, I killed that workout!!!!

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