27 June 2013

That's over

Summer school that is. Today was the last day and I could not be happier. I'm glad I did it, the money is good, but it will be nice to have a break and stay home with my kids (my furry kids). I have a whole bunch of stuff to do - for the classes I'm taking and the ones I'm teaching - so I'll be busy. I just need to not sit on my ass all day. I'm thinking of doing Crossfit at 6 am, doing a small WOD at noonish, and then walking the dogs at night. I'm thinking of adding running in there too. I figure I will be taking a nap everyday - I always do during breaks - and with the sitting on my ass, I need to counterbalance it with some movement. I really want to master my double unders, so I'm thinking of doing WODs in the middle of the day that include double unders. Like 12 min AMRAP with 10 double unders and 10 burpees or push-ups - something like that. And the eating has got to get under control. I have been eating junk like it's my job lately. That stops tomorrow. I'm looking forward to doing what I want when I want.

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