02 July 2013

Balancing Act

There is a fine line between taking care of yourself and taking it easy. It's a balancing act and it is difficult. I am currently walking that tightrope and it's driving me crazy. Yesterday at Crossfit was a rough day and today was another one. We had a 14 minute EMOM (every minute on the minute) with push ups and thrusters. I can not do push ups well and when I'm rushed like that it's even worse. We were supposed to do 8 pushups and 4 thrusters. The idea being that you do them and allow yourself enough time to get a little bit of rest. I started with a blue band low between two bars, but quickly had to switch to a blue and red band up high. After about 4 sets though, I couldn't do those either and had to move to the kettlebell table. I was pretty upset with myself. My arms hurt on the push ups and the thrusters. I was not a happy camper. On my way home though I realized something. My right arm, the one that I hurt the shoulder, hurt a lot more than my left arm. My shoulder has been feeling a whole lot better and I'm wondering if I have to rebuild that muscle? I have been babying it for about 3 months and now that it is feeling better, it's going to take time to get stronger. That made me feel a whole lot better about things. If I'm rebuilding, that's a legitimate reason for hurting and not being able to do it. But it is a fine, fine line between taking care and slacking off.

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