16 July 2013

Down 2

That's what I was down in weight this morning. I knew that 4 lb gain was not real. A day of good eating and drinking lots of water makes a huge difference. I'm feeling much better already. Now I just need to get through another day. Just one day of eating right and drinking water. Just one day.

Crossfit is never consistently good. It just isn't. Just when you think you are doing great and getting strong, a WOD comes along and smacks you with reality. This morning reality hit me in the face. I've been doing pretty good in the WODs lately. The shoulder is about 99% so I've been able to push things a little. So today was power cleans and pull-ups. I really thought I could do these decently. No!! What the hell made me think that? I started with 85# on the power cleans and did the first 12. Then it was off to pull-ups. I suck at pull-ups and I need to get better. I was supposed to do 24, I did 14 and then had to move to ring rows. I was so pissed at myself. My arms were burning. When I went back to the power cleans, I dropped the weight down to 65#. I was really pissed at myself. I want to be able to do pull-ups. I don't have to do them unassisted, I'll do them with bands, I just want to be able to do them. I believe that part of the problem was yesterdays WOD. We did lunges while holding a 25# plate over our head. My arms are toast. So I'm trying to put today in perspective, but I can't help but be disappointed in myself just a little. Okay, tomorrow is another day and I have a whole lot of school work to do today.

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