15 July 2013

One Day

For just one day I am going to be perfect. I am going to eat right. I am going to avoid all sugar, wheat, and processed foods. I am going to treat my body well and nourish it properly. I am going to drink plenty of water. I am going to move my body. For just one day I will be perfect.

The day has started well. I went to 6am Crossfit even though I really didn't feel like it. I awoke with a headache and it hasn't gotten much better. But I went and worked my butt off. I stepped on the scale before I left and I'm up 4 lbs from last Monday. Now that is absolutely not possible. To gain 4 lbs I would have eaten 14,000 calories extra!!!! I probably didn't eat 14,000 calories all week. Which, I honestly believe, is part of my problem. When I am home I don't eat as much. When I don't eat as much I get lazy. I nap. I crave junk to fill me up. So part of my perfect day today, will include counting my calories. I need at least 2,000 a day. So today I track calories. I am feeling very bloated and puffy though. I had to dig out my plus size sport bras for Crossfit this morning.

Okay, I'm hungry. I'm going to shower, make a good breakfast, and start on my first glass of water. That may be why I have a headache. Not drinking enough water. Well, I will fix that today.

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