24 July 2013


No, not her. Jackie the WOD. 1000m row, 50 thrusters, 30 pull ups - that Jackie. I did that this morning in 12:40. Awesome. After yesterday's realization, I ate a really good dinner and felt amazing. Woke up this morning feeling awesome and made it to 6am CF. Rocked out Jackie and still felt awesome when I was done. I got my first kipping pullup with the blue and red bands. That's pretty awesome. Pullups are my nemesis at this point in time. I have such a weak upper body and it makes them so very hard. I think I'm going to focus the month of August on pullups. I will do them every day and try, try, try to get better at them.

Okay, today I'm going out for a bit. I need to get out of this house for a while. I have spent way too many days in row in this house working on schoolwork. Today I venture out into the world.

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