03 August 2013

Must stay strong

There may be a few posts over this weekend as I get my head back into the right space. My resolve was strong last night. I was not going to eat anything that resembled crap at all. I was going to drink water and eat good, whole foods today. And I was going to eat light. Not starve myself, but eat less than normal since I have been overeating garbage lately. Give my body a chance to clear the nastiness out. But I woke up this morning and started thinking about going out to lunch with Hubby. He's been working nights for the past 2 weeks and I've hardly seen him. He'll be home for lunch today and I thought we could go somewhere for a nice lunch. Now, if we do that here is what will happen. I will eat something I don't really want to eat. I will probably have a beer, which I do not need. I will then come home and nap on the couch and probably end up eating more garbage I don't really want because I've set off the sugar monster. So no lunch. We can make a nice lunch here at home, he can relax because he has to work tonight - last night - and we can save money and I can save myself from myself.

Right now I need to just avoid everything. I need to focus on simple, whole foods and eating when I'm hungry. But the most important part is to keep it simple. Adding lots of different complex flavors seems to trigger something in me and I overeat. Simple, whole foods don't do that. Remember:

That's all it is. It can not make me happy or a better person or anything. It can only fuel me so that I can be happy or a better person. Food is only fuel, that is all.

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