25 August 2013

Some joy, some pain, and a Sunday workout

Not sure if I mentioned it here, but I started working on my PhD in March. I just finished my 4th class and I'm very excited about the whole process. I believe that I have 17 classes to go, which puts me at a finish date of about 2015. Woo, do you know how exciting that is????? I'm stoked. I've always wanted a PhD and I'm very excited to be finally getting one.

In other news, it is Sunday and I'm going to Crossfit. Weird,huh? Crossfit started opening on Sundays 2 weeks or so ago and I haven't made it yet. But my new plan is to work out 3 days take one off. This week I worked out Friday and yesterday, so if I do today, I can take tomorrow off. Then Tuesday,Wednesday,Thursday and Friday off. My days off will change all the time but I like the three days in a row.

This hurts:

Yes, it is plantar pain, but I have learned so much since my last bout with plantar. The problem does not lie in the plantar itself. Instead it is resulting from a freakishly tight calf muscle. That muscle is pulling on the tendon which is pulling on the plantar and causing heel pain. (I accidentally wrote hell pain and I think that is more true). It all stems from these shoes:

I got these on sale at the Clymb. These are the preferred shoes of Crossfit. They also suck. The arch in the left shoe hits past my arch. This causes me to walk a little bit funny, which causes my calf to tighten up, which leads to the situation described above. I wore these shoes the first time and it happened so I didn't wear them for a while. I wore them again and it happened, so I didn't wear them for a while. I wore them the other day and I am in agony. These shoes are out of here. If someone doesn't want them, I am throwing them away. My foot has not hurt this bad in years.

Well, that is all I have. Some joy, some pain, and a Sunday workout.

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