28 October 2013

Day 1

One of the most fabulous things about this life we get, is that we can change things at any time. Every day, hour, minute can be the beginning of a fresh start. That is what today is for me, a fresh start. For the past couple of months things haven't been going well on the workout and eating side. Today that all changes. I did a brisket in the crockpot last night so I have lunches this week. I got up this morning and did 15 minutes on the treadmill. I only walked but it is a start and I have a plan. My knee has been acting up big time, so I don't want to push it and really mess it up. So this week I walk everyday. I will add three minutes everyday so that by Saturday I will be up to 30 minutes. Next Monday, or possibly Sunday, I will start couch to 5k. I want to run. I want to run. I want to run. Tonight is Crossfit and I am so looking forward to it. It is going to be an awesome day!!!!

Update: It was an awesome day. I went to Crossfit after work and did Cindy!!!! Took it a little easy and did 11 rounds + 3 ring rows. Last time I did Cindy, I did 11 rounds + 11 ring rows, but I was killing myself. Last night I did not kill myself. Came home and had a mexican casserole thingee for dinner - it was awesome. Did some grading then headed to bed. I did have a small bowl of ice cream because I was hungry. I felt awesome, slept like a baby, and woke looking forward to the day. On to Day 2 :)

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