16 November 2013

Gratitude Days 13, 14, & 15

Wow, I thought missing 2 days was bad, then I go and miss half a week. Okay, here goes.

Day 13, I am grateful for PTO. Seriously. I had a paper that was due Wednesday and I hadn't finished it. I took off Wednesday to stay home and do it. I could do that because I had accumulated plenty hours of PTO. Yeah PTO.

Day 14, I am grateful for rest days. Thursday is my normal rest day from Crossfit and I do enjoy not abusing my body for one day. I took my rest day and relaxed with the puppies. Yeah rest days!!!!!

Day 15, I am grateful for voodoo floss. On Wednesday my Crossfit coaches showed me how to wrap and work my knee to help reduce the swelling. I have been doing that since Wednesday and today my knee feels awesome. The swelling is almost completely gone. There is no pain. I can bend it and move it. Yeah voodoo floss.....

I will be back later to write today's gratitude.

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