15 November 2013

Just pulled myself back from the brink

I am very pleased with myself right now. I just pulled myself back from the brink of a binge that would have been epic. My day was blah...It is the day where I don't have any classes until 2pm so I am generally bored. To make it worse our internet speed had slowed to a crawl today so I wasn't able to do anything online. Ugh.... By the time 2pm came around I was tired, bored and sooo ready to be done with the day. I got through the class and was packing up to go home when I decided to get fast food for dinner. I was debating between Jack in the box and McDonald's. Oh, and I was stopping at the store to get donut holes. Yum.. When I got near the store I still couldn't decide where to get dinner so I went to the store first. I walked through the store looking for something interesting for dinner, and while I was doing that I talked myself back and convinced myself that I could make a decent dinner. So I grabbed some dressing, a cucumber, and my donut holes and left. Yes, I still got the donut holes - I was secretly hoping they would be gone. But if all I end up with are donut holes that is much better than what I was planning. I know that I will feel better if I eat a good dinner and that's what I want, to feel good.

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