20 November 2013

Hanging on

I do believe I have stopped the free fall. That is good. I am slowly making my way back to normal. The problem I'm having is my knee. My knee has been swollen for a few weeks but there has been no pain. The coaches at my box showed me how to wrap it and reduce the swelling. I've been doing that and it's been working. The swelling is gone. But the knee is still larger than the other one and lumpy and now I'm having pain. It was like the swelling was keeping the pain at bay. Now that the swelling is gone the pain is back. I have been avoiding going to the doctors because I pretty much know what they are going to say. But, I believe I can put it off no longer. I am calling today to make an appointment. It is one thing to not run to the doctor and try and rehab it on your own, it is another thing to be an idiot. I'm done being an idiot. So wish me luck.

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