25 November 2013

Sometimes I wonder about me

I was walking around Sports Authority the other day wasting time and I happened to wander through the shoes. I looked at the running shoes and thought how I would love to run but until my knee is better that is out of the question. Then I thought back to my running days and how I would have to get new shoes regularly because of my knees....and a light bulb went off. I got new shoes because of my knees. Since I started Crossfit I have been buying the minimalist shoes. So as I looked at the shoes I decided to buy cushioned running shoes. I got these:

In that color. They are loud and obnoxious. But I wore them tonight and the knee felt great. Between wrapping my knee, and rolling it, it feels great. After the WOD I did not have a swollen knee and it did not hurt at all. That has been pretty typical after WODs, I would hobble around for a bit. Not tonight. I know it was only one workout so I'm being cautiously optomistic.

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