10 November 2013

Stress eating

I made a bit of an amazing discovery today. I have a couple of papers due and I am having a really, really hard time with the easier one. Yikes!!! After a few good days of eating and working out and feeling pretty awesome, as soon as the stress levels rose I ran straight to the snacks. Now, logically I know I do this, but it was the first time I made a direct connection. The first time I was aware what was happening as it was happening. This is huge for me. Once I can identify and action as it happens, I can usually stop it. That's how it went with binge eating. Initially I could only see what happened after the fact. Once I was able to identify what was going on as it was happening, I could stop it before it got completely out of control. From there it was a short process to identify it before it happened. I now have identified stress eating as it occurs, I just need to work on identifying it before I put something in my mouth. Small, baby steps.

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