10 November 2013

Gratitude Day 9 & 10

I completely forgot to post last night. It was Saturday night and I was trying to work on my papers and it just slipped my mind.

So, Day 9 gratitude is for the chance to go to school. I always wanted a Ph.D. and to actually be pursuing it now is surreal to me. In just a few short years I will be a Dr. Wow!!! That blows me away. Also, with the schooling I've been through, I never thought I would get my PhD. I thought it wasn't worth the effort. I'm glad I'm doing it because it is something I've always wanted, and I'm grateful to have the opportunity.

Day 10 gratitude is for rainy days. It has been raining here all weekend and I just love it. The rain is needed since we are in a minor draught, and it makes for some beautiful waterfalls on the mountains. Plus it makes it feel like winter is coming. So Day 10 is for the rainy weekend days.

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