24 December 2013

Christmas Eve

Since the kids moved out, we have not made a big deal about Christmas around here. We usually don't even buy each other presents. It is generally a pretty quiet day with hubby watching football and me doing whatever. Whatever this year will be writing papers. We always have a special eve dinner and Christmas breakfast though. It is a nice tradition. Other than that, I'll be working out today at 9am. Tomorrow the box is closed, so I'll do the treadmill. I'll probably do some treadmill tonight too just because.

Yesterday's eating was spot on and I felt awesome. I ended up with ~1500 calories and it broke down in the following way:

Calorie Breakdown:
Carbohydrate (10%)
Fat (73%)
Protein (17%)

A couple of things I noticed from eating one day like this. I was never hungry. Never. I ate breakfast around 8:30am, lunch around 12:30pm, and dinner around 7:00pm. I did snack on some grapes but that was because I felt like something sweet. So I did not really get hungry all day - and I did the WOD at 4pm. I also never felt stuffed. I felt full, but never stuffed. My belly never got huge. BTW, all the fats were good fats; ghee, coconut oil, and avocado. I woke up this morning feeling really good, so I'm looking forward to another good day. Tonight we are meeting some people for drinks and pupus, so it is going to be a little bit harder. I will just have to think about what I consume and not just eat something because it looks good.

I am kind of dreading the malaise that comes when the body switches from carb burning to fat burning. Yesterday I felt pretty blah, but I don't think it happens that quick. Unless, because I eat paleo on and off, it does happen that quick. I'll find out in the next couple of days.

So the plan for today is much like yesterday. Eat within the guidelines, get my WOD on, and be better than yesterday. Have a good one everyone.

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