24 December 2013

Christmas WOD

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This is my second Christmas at Crossfit and the WOD was similar to last year. I forgot last years at the box, so I'll just go with this years.  It is done like the song 12 days of Christmas; 1 deadlift, 2 pullups & 1 deadlift; 3 kness to elbow, 2 pullups, & 1 deadlift, etc. all the way to 12. So you end up doing:
12 burpees
22 med ball cleans
30 lunges
36 jump squats
40 wall balls
42 KB swings
42 KB presses each arm
40 box jumps
36 push ups
30 knees to elbows
22 pull ups
12 deadlifts
For a total of 406 moves. Yikes that is a lot of moving. It took me 36:13 to complete the whole thing. I'm just glad I made it through.

Last night I struggled with the WOD, I struggled something fierce. There were a lot of moves I couldn't do and I was getting frustrated, like I do and UGH!!!!!! I have been trying to be realistic about my abilities but still push myself at the same time. Not an easy line to walk. Today I partnered up with one of the strong girls and let her dictate the weights used. I managed to not only complete the workout but do it all with the higher weights. It was hard, really hard, but not impossible. I need to push myself more. I need to build up my strength by pushing my limits.

 I have to walk the fine line of playing it safe but not making it easy on myself.

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