17 December 2013

For just one day

I will eat right, avoid sugar and wheat, drink lots of water, and go to Crossfit. Just one day. I need this for me, so for just one day I will do this.

I was getting dressed this morning and my fat pants were tight. Now for the last 3 days I have been eating cookies and sweets like they are being outlawed. So for today, just one day, I'm going to eat well, drink lots of water to flush this stuff out, and get my WOD on later. I was debating about going to Crossfit tonight as this will be my 4th day in a row, but I'm going. I need it. I will have a good, healthy dinner and that is all once I get home. I can do this for just one day.

Only 14 days until 2014! I can not believe it. I began a post the other day about the new year. I haven't finished it yet, but I will be soon. I need to have goals and things to work towards, otherwise all kinds of other nonsense get in the way. So I will finish that up and post it soon. 2014 is going to be an awesome year, I just know it. But today, I focus on today and me.

Update: Well, the day did not go as well as planned but it was not a complete failure either. I had some chex mix a student bought me this morning. Then I had a small piece of candy this afternoon. And I did not make it to Crossfit, I was just too tired. But the good news is, I gave away 2 pieces of candy I had and I had a decent lunch. So the day was not a complete loss. I will be having a good dinner and no dessert. The good news is, tomorrow is another day.

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