28 December 2013

Pity party for one

Yesterday was a giant pity party. I was down and depressed all day. I did not do a damn thing. I did go to Crossfit and modify, modify, modify. But man, I was down. Then last night I got cold. Freezing cold. I ended up wearing sweats and a long sleeve shirt. I was freezing. This did not help the pity party. I woke this morning with a touch of a head cold, little stuffy nose and a bit of a headache. I should be fine though.

So back to the pity party. When I was going to bed last night, I decided that today would be a new day with a new attitude. I would wake up and deal with things and the pity party would be over. And so it is. Time to move on. I can't do anything about my knee right now, just don't go crazy with it. So I will do what I can and wait to hear from the docs. I will not borrow trouble. I will just live my life and what happens,happens.

The problem today is that I have a paper due tomorrow that I have not even looked at yet. I spent this week doing absolutely nothing, and now this paper is hanging over my head. I do have one extra day because the professor is at a residency, but I still have to get it done. So that will be my goal today - get that paper done.

Yesterday I got my first ripped callous:
That was the topper to the day. Okay, I have things to do and I need to get started if I plan to make it to Crossfit this morning.

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