28 December 2013

New year, new goals

I had started a post about a week ago with all my goals for the new year. I had a list of things I wanted to accomplish, fitness goals, personal goals, etc. It was very lofty and inspired. Since my doctor visit yesterday, I have gone through a lot of things in my head. At first I was very, very depressed. I could possibly be looking at a knee replacement and that could be the end of any Crossfit or running or anything in my future. I decided not to focus on that, to just let that thought go. I can not change what has happened to my knee, I can only wait to see the doc and see what they recommend to fix it. So, having accepted that what is, is, I can now move on. I did the WOD this morning and did not try to do anything stupid. I didn't run, I rowed. I didn't try pistols, I did one-legged squats on a chair. I worked, but within my capabilities. It is actually kind of freeing to know exactly what is wrong. I now know that I am not a wuss, I am not wimping out, I have a legit problem. Knowing that allows me to ease up on myself and only do what I can. I busted my butt in the WOD today and it felt really good. But I did not push my knee at all, and that felt good too.

So, back to next year. Having shifted my attitude around from yesterday, I have decided to focus the next year on getting healthy. I will do whatever needs to be done to fix this knee and my shoulder and I will work hard on it. But that is all. I will not be adding anything new into the mix and I will take it light where I need to. Next year will be all about getting healthy and strong. I figure that the earliest I could have any surgery is spring break at the end of March. I would like to have the surgery at the beginning of spring break, that would give me two weeks to recover. If not, I'll wait until summer. The thing is, I will most likely need two surgeries so if I could have one during spring break and one during summer, that would be awesome. But that is my goal for next year.Focus on getting healthy. I will focus on my eating and keep that clean. It will be a good year. I have a clear goal in mind and I will get there.

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