26 December 2013

Right back at it

Christmas eve and Christmas day were filled with food and friends and good times. But it is over. Today is the day after Christmas. This is no special day. There is no reason I should be eating anything other than good, healthy food. And there is no reason at all why I shouldn't workout. Yesterday Crossfit was closed and I never stepped on the treadmill, but I don't have that excuse today. I also spent a good part of yesterday napping. I need to stop that too. Today I will accomplish the following:

  • 30 minutes on the treadmill even if it's just walking
  • Make 4 wrist wraps
  • Get more wrist wraps listed on Etsy
  • Follow my eating plan
  • Go to Crossfit at 4pm
  • Start grading my finals
  • Start working on paper that is due on Sunday
  • Go to Sears for bobbins and fabric store for valentine fabric
That should keep me busy and off the couch most of the day. I find that if I don't have a plan, nothing gets done. I was like that yesterday. I had no plan for the day and napped most of the morning away. I was going to take a drive to Kmart, but then decided to sew. That took up the rest of the afternoon and kept me busy. Yeah. 

Also, my sleep has not been good lately. I'm not sure exactly why, but I know that napping doesn't help it at all. Last night I slept well and maybe it was because I was busy all afternoon and evening. I think not being mentally busy affects my sleep also.

Okay, I feel better having a plan. I'm off to get dressed and hop on the treadmill for a while and listen to my book. I will check in later.

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