08 January 2014

Back to it

Yesterday we went back to school. It was just the teachers and we had things to do, but we were back. Today the kids came back. Oh joy. It was a rough day and I came home exhausted. I believe I even napped in my chair for 20 minutes or so. I'm getting like my father. One thing that always happens when I go back from a break is my voice gets hoarse. It's like I didn't talk for 2 weeks and now it gets hoarse until it gets used to talking all day.

I have not made it to Crossfit at all this week. Monday I cleaned house all day and was exhausted. Yesterday I just didn't feel like it. Today I was tired. Probably not going tomorrow since it's Thursday. Looks like Friday will be the first time all week. That's okay. I'll go Friday and Saturday and Sunday and play next week by ear.

Friday is the check in for the nutrition challenge that starts next Wednesday. I am so into this one. I have gotten so out of control it is not funny. I have two days of fairly good eating under my belt though. Yesterday I did have cake but they were tiny pieces. Today I turned down cookies and candy. Yeah me.

Now though, I think it is time for bed.

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