Last day of break

Today is my last day of winter break. I have been lazier this break than any other. Ever. I entered the break with no big plans, just a desire to take it easy and that is pretty much what happened. Nothing. Today I am going to clean this house from top to bottom. I also need to get ready to go back to school. Bleh..... But I have learned something from this. If I don't have a plan nothing gets done. That is true on the small scale, a day, or the large scale, a break. So that is at least a good lesson. For today, I have a plan. Everything in the house gets washed, starting with the sheets, and the bathroom, living room, and kitchen get cleaned and the floors vacuumed/mopped. After that it is school work and the day ends with Crossfit. So I have a plan today and will be productive. Right now though I'm freezing cold and sleepy. It is like 69F here....Brrrr...just want to crawl into bed and stay there.....


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