14 January 2014

Oh, I am so happy

Today was my appointment with the ortho. I did not realize how afraid I was of what he was going to say. Having a body part you know is bad, becomes a waiting game. You know that it is going to give out at some point, is it now? Everytime my knee really acts up, I think is this it? Is this the time I'm going to go in and the doctor is going to tell me I can't do anything anymore? So yeah, I was stressing it really badly and I did not even realize it. So I go and the first thing he does is give me a bad time about Crossfit. Not a serious bad time, just joking kind. I tell him my story. He looks at the xray and does a short exam. Says I have a little arthritis, but not near as much as he would expect me to have, and I probably have a tear. But it's not really, really painful so why do surgery. He gave me a steroid shot and called it a day. Awesome. I can not tell you how relieved I was. I did not realize how scared I was of what he was going to say. It was such a relief..

Then we moved on to the shoulder. He definitely thinks there is something wrong there and I have to go get an MRI. I'm not worried about the shoulder at all. The shoulder was absolutely fine and whatever is wrong can be fixed. I'm totally okay with the shoulder even if it is a tear and needs surgery. So I'm waiting on the MRI appointment.

The coolest thing that happened today was when I asked him if I could continue Crossfit. His response was, Oh hell yes! I would rather you do Crossfit than sit on the couch. Sit on the couch your arteries will harden and you will die. Do Crossfit, you'll tear a rotator cuff and I can fix that. That was the coolest thing I have ever heard a doctor say about any kind of workout.

So today was a happy, happy day. My stress is gone. My knee is okay. I'm good to go. It was great doing a WOD knowing that the knee was okay. I could push it a little more and it felt good.

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