13 January 2014


One of the things that Crossfit has taught me is that I am good at excuses. I can come up with all kinds of reason to do or not do something. I can justify anything, even if I've agreed to it. That is a huge lesson. So many people make all kinds of excuses and they don't even realize they are doing it. They can justify it in their minds therefore it is not an excuse but a reason. I just have to shake my head at them. They come up with all these justifications and logical but bottom line is - it's an excuse.

And this is a no excuse zone. I went to Crossfit tonight and the WOD was brutal. 15 min EMOM of 20 single unders and 3 power cleans. Brutal. I came up with a couple of reasons during the WOD why I should lighten the weight, cut down the number of single unders, stop. But I realized they were excuses and I refused to give in to them. Besides, tomorrow I see the doctor and my activity might be restricted.

I am completely okay with someone changing their mind, deciding not to do something, but using excuses to not really do it is crazy. No excuses.

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