11 January 2014

Sore muscles

Miss 4 workouts and you are going to get sore. I am sore today. I find that interesting because I really thought I was taking it easy last night. But not only did I do more than last time, I'm sore. Maybe I wasn't going as easy as I thought I was. In any case, sore muscles is not enough to stop me. I am off to Crossfit now and will continue this post later.

Okay, back from the WOD. It's benchmark week so today we had a choice of Nate or Randy. Nate is 20 minute AMRAP of 2 muscle ups, 5 handstand push up, and 15 kb swings. Randy is 75 power snatches for time. I actually decided to do Randy right off the bat. I can't do muscle ups or HSPU, so there is two moves I would be modifying. With Randy, I can do the move and just power through it. So Randy it was. Last time I did Randy, I did 25# in 6:36. Today I went heavier, 40#, and it took longer, 9:54. But I went 15# heavier. How freaking awesome is that. My initial thought was to try and break 6 minutes, but I quickly realized that was not going to happen. So I just went as hard and as fast as I could. Awesome sauce!!!!! I was very, very proud of myself. And one of the coaches took this picture:

Rocking my new Mahalo Burpees shirt..... I am just all kinds of awesome there (sarcasm) what is up with that face????

Anyway, positivity pays off in more positivity. I was so pleased with myself....and I still am..... I think all is going to be well on Tuesday when I see the doctor. He is going to suggest some minor fix and I will be well and healthy again. I can not wait....drooling positivity here.

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