15 February 2014

Papers, papers, papers

All day has been spent working on papers. Tomorrow will be too. The final projects in both classes are due and I am working like crazy to get them done. My brain has literally gone numb. I've got one almost completely done but I have completely run out of things to say. The other I haven't really looked at, but I have been working on it for 10 weeks, so it should go fairly smoothly. I just need a break. I'm waiting to play a game. I like playing hidden object games and they distract me and give my mind a chance to run free. As a result of all this paper writing, I have been sitting on my butt all day. I don't like to do that, but what are my options? My butt is numb along with my brain. The good news is, I have been drinking a lot of water. A small victory, but a victory none the less.

I decided a while back that I wanted to move back to the mainland. It has taken some time, but I have finally convinced Hubby of it. So it won't be happening for a few years, but at least we both agree that is the next step. Thinking about moving brings up so many emotions. We have lived here for 24 years. That is almost half my life. Weird to think of moving back. But I really do want to. We can buy a house for damn near what we make on this one. The cost of living will be cheaper. Charlie can semi-retire. We can get more Swissys :) So yeah, there are a lot of positives to moving back. And I'm ready for a new adventure. We have pretty much adventured this place out. time to move on.

Okay, my brain really hurts now. Time to shut down for a bit.

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