The last few days....

have not been great. I had a melt down at Crossfit on Tuesday night. I have been struggling the last week or so and I'm not exactly sure why. But Tuesday night I went in feeling bleh, and things when downhill from there. My body hurt. I struggled with every single move. But I was determined to finish. And I did. Woke up Wednesday morning in pain. Back pain. Shoulder pain. Knee pain. Ugh...Felt like crap but since I was taking Thursday off, I went to work and struggled through. Well, that and I had an appointment after work. Spent most of the day in agony but I survived. Thursday, yesterday, I had off because I had an MRI scheduled. They told me it would take 1-3 hours so I took the day off. It took 15 minutes. Oh well, free day. Then at 11 I had a physical therapy appointment. That went well. I have made improvements and she gave me some new exercises. Then last night my left shoulder lower trapezius started hurting like you would not believe.

That one right there. Now this is not my bad shoulder. This is my good shoulder. The lower trapezius and the back muscles were spasming. UGH!!! It was horrible. I was in agony. Took some ibuprofen and after a while it got better.

But Wednesdays back pain and yesterdays pain led to some really bad eating choices. The pain has made me tired, more than usual, and I've been eating stupid stuff for no real reason. I'm guessing it was stress, although that doesn't account for today. Maybe Valentine's Day was an excuse....I don't know. What I do know is that I need to get to the bottom of the eating and get my butt back on track. Pain will come and go. Stress will happen. I need to not use food during these times. I have gotten pretty good at not doing that, but every once in a while it kicks in again and I eat. Time to stop.

So starting tonight, right now, no more junk. Back on track with the Paleo and I will stick with it for the remaining 14 days. I got this.....


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