17 February 2014

So here's my take on diets

First off, let's discuss the term diet. People who say "it's not a diet, it's a lifestyle" drive me up the freaking wall. Any way of eating is a diet. The standard American Diet (aka SAD) is one of processed and fast foods. The Weight Watcher DIET is one of counting points. The Atkins DIET is one of lots of meat. Okay, you get the idea. Everyone is on a diet because everyone eats. Also, diet is a noun, not a verb. You eat a type of diet, you do not diet. Okay, off the soapbox on that.

I have been on a Paleo challenge since January 15th. I have 12 more days left. The first time I did Paleo it was amazing. I dropped a lot of weight, I gained a lot of energy, it was awesome. This time? Not so much. I still feel good, much better then when I eat SAD, but not like the first time. I also notice this time that I need more carbs. Weird. So I started reading around and found that with the amount of training that I am doing, more carbs are definitely necessary. There is also this thing called carb backloading, where you eat carbs after you workout. The idea is that is when your body needs the carbs. I know some people who have had great success with it. I don't want to return to eating carbs all the time since I know that doesn't work, but maybe eating carbs only after a workout will work. I'm willing to give it a try.

I have found, over the many, many diets I have tried, that just about anything will work for a while. But your body adjusts and changes and so your food choices need to adjust and change with it. Paleo worked great the first time, and while it's been good this time, it hasn't been as good. So anyway, life is journey and you need to be constantly learning and changing or you die.

So that's my view on diets.

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