30 March 2014

Junk food

I'm not sure exactly what happened yesterday. I think it was an accumulation of the past couple of days of not caring about what I eat. So yeah, I have not been caring about what I eat so I've been eating a lot of junk. Yesterday it was those - sugar wafers. I'm not even sure why I bought them, but I did and I ate them. No all, but most. I have got to stop this. So, one day. It is back to one day. One day, today, I am going to avoid the crap I bought yesterday. That's all, just one day. I can do this.

I plan on going to Crossfit this morning. I have some papers to finish and turn in. Then I'm going to try and talk Hubby into picking up some furniture a friend is giving us. It's a large hutch and 2 bookshelves. I'm very excited because I need something like this to organize the spare room. The hutch is kind of like this:

And since I don't really need a hutch, I was thinking of putting it in the computer room and then getting rid of another shelving unit I have. I need more room in here and I was thinking that would be the perfect thing. Is that weird?

Anyway, I've been in a cleaning and organizing mood. As I wrote about last time, I'm on a roll. I want to get the place all clean and organized before I head back to school. Then I can just work on maintaining it.

Alright. I'm done. I have school work that is due today, so I should get that done.

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