30 March 2014


I used to be a perfectionist. Seriously. Everything I did had to be absolutely perfect and nothing I did was good enough. As a result of this, many things were left unfinished. I would start things then stop. I used to think that I would get bored with them and move on to something else. The truth is, I would think that I could not do them good enough. And if I could not do it perfectly, I would not do it at all. Not a great way to live your life. The reason this just came up is because I was working on a paper for one of my classes. I'm not exactly sure what the instructor wants and I was fretting over it a little bit. Then I said to myself, screw this. He doesn't tell you exactly, you do it the way you want. It won't be perfect but it will be acceptable. And so I submitted it that way. Now, I'm sure it will be fine, it usually is. I'm way harder on myself than anyone else is. So apparently I'm moving away from perfectionism. That is a good thing, because being perfect takes a whole lot of time.

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