02 March 2014

Left it all at the box

Yesterday, after I did 14.1, I toyed with the idea of redoing it again today to try and better my score. I was going back and forth between doing it or not doing it....Then I woke up this morning. Everything hurts. My quads, hamstrings, traps, triceps. Every. Thing. So if there was any question about whether I gave 14.1 everything I had, the answer is yes I did. I would not be able to do any better today and in fact would probably do a lot worse. So there will be no redo of 14.1 for me.

I will instead be working on school work. Yesterday's time management post got me to thinking about how best to stay on top of all this work. Since I do most of my work on the weekends, I can just shift from working on the assignments the weekend they are due to working on them the weekend before they are due. That way, most of the work will get done before they are due. If any problems or questions come up, I have all week to figure it out. And then I can look at it a few times before I turn it in. So that will be my goal and it starts today. Yesterday I did some work, today I will do some more. I want to get all three discussion posts written today and ready to post. Some things, like a pretest I have to take, I can not do until tomorrow when class officially starts. But everything else I can start on now. That is the plan. If I do that I should have a whole lot less stress about the work load.

Now I'm off to start my work.

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