08 March 2014

Crossfit Open 14.2

When this WOD came out on Thursday I was a little excited. Not that I was going to crush it or anything, but that it was doable. I was hoping to get 2 rounds done. Okay, the WOD:

0-3 minutes
2 rounds:
10 overhead squats
10 chest to bar
3-6 minutes
2 rounds:
12 overhead squats
12 chest to bar
6-9 minutes
14 overhead squats
14 chest to bar

Adding 2 reps every 3 minutes until you can not finish 2 rounds in the 3 minutes.

When I saw the WOD on Thursday, my thoughts were - I can do this. I can do overhead squats, though they are tough with my knee and my shoulder. Because I'm 55 I get to do the jumping chest to bar. Totally thought I could do that. Boy, was I wrong. Got to the box and warmed up, tried a few overhead squats, knew they would be hard but also knew I could do them. Tried the jumping chest to bar, and could not even get close. Ugh!! I could just not jump high enough. I tried and tried and tried and could not get one. Oh well, I have it my all and only got 10 reps. Oh well, just another thing to work on.......

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