April 15, 1959

On Tuesday I will be 55 years old. It is hard to believe. I never really thought I'd live to be this old. Seriously. When I was in my 20's and even my 30's, 55 seemed so incredibly far away, I just did not see it happening. But, here we are 3 days away from it. I am not big on birthdays, I don't think I ever really have been. Hubby celebrates the entire month - yeah, I'm not like that. Maybe one day or a meal, but really not that big on birthdays. Especially now as I'm getting older, I don't see celebrating the fact that I'm that much closer to death. I know it's a glass half full kind of thing. I could look at it as I made it another year - but to me that is still a weird thing to celebrate. But 55 is a biggee. My Dad did not live to see 55. My brother Joe did not live to see 55. My nephew Clifford did not live to see 55. I'm getting to the point where people do not live this long. And that's not to say that 55 is old, because it is not. It's just weird. I've been alive a long time and have outlived family and friends. It is enough to make me pause and think. But time marches on.....


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