28 April 2014

Sick Day

Although honestly it was 2 hurricanes and a late night. The alarm went off this morning and apparently I turned it off - though I don't remember doing it - and I did not wake up again until 90 minutes later. Basically I awoke at the time I should be leaving for work. Bummer.....Normally I would tell them I was going to be late because most days I do not have a class at 8am. But today I do. So overslept, 8am class, and 2 hurricanes and not getting to bed until 11pm - yup, sounds like a sick day. I do have a bit of a headache and I will be crawling back into bed as soon as Hubby leaves.

Today, despite the 'hangover' is going to be a productive day off. I'm going to get back on track with my eating - 10 days of ultra low carb - I'm going to do a WOD in my spare room along with some HIIT. I am going to work on school work, both the classes I take and the classes I teach. I will use today wisely. Of course, I am not feeling it right now...maybe a little nap first :)

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Happy New Year

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