02 May 2014

Do or do not, there is no try

Okay, time to draw a line in the sand. Time to stop the BS and get serious. For weeks I've been saying I need to get back on track, start eating right, stop eating carbs, blah, blah, blah.... I start, either paleo or carb night, and go a few days then bam - eat something that I shouldn't and ruin everything. So today is the day that BS ends. I know that I can do ultra low carb with a cheat day once a week and do well - so it's time to do it. A huge part of the problem is the way I've been phrasing it and thinking of it in my head. I keep saying I'm going to try this.....I will try to eat ultra low carb.....I have nothing to eat.....I have to eat rice.....BS all of it BS!!!!! So starting right here, right now that all changes. I WILL eat ultra low carb. I WILL do that for 9 days and then have a cheat day on the 10th (next Sunday). I will work out EVERY SINGLE DAY!!!! Even if that only means walking the dogs. I WILL do it!!!! I started wearing my Fitbit again and I will use it to keep me on track. I WILL walk 10,000 steps per day, even if that means getting on the treadmill at night. I WILL do my PT exercises and I WILL do WODs here at home. I have taken the month off from Crossfit, but that is no reason to sit on my a*s and do nothing. I am an adult. I control my own thoughts and actions. I will stop this nonsense now. Right now.

The plan for today is as follows:
- My healthy breakfast.
- I have to buy lunch, so I will NOT eat the rice that comes with it. Also, no sauces......
- Come home and HIIT and a short WOD (no dog walking tonight since Hubby works)
- A low carb dinner that I make myself.
- Water, water, water.......

There!! Not really all that hard. I will do this. I am in control, I have the power to make choices.... I am in control!!!!!

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