The freedom of planning

Today was my first real day with my cleaning/organizing plan. I kind of started it last night but today was the first real day. And, I should note, that I have been on break so today was kind of easy since a lot of things have been recently done. In spite of that, I do not feel the pressure I usually feel to get everything done today because I'm going back to work tomorrow. Gone. I know what I need to do, I have a plan to get it done, and boom freedom. That allowed me time today to do some other things I wanted to get done, namely go through some stuff in the spare room. Boom. Done. I have my lunch for the week in the crockpot, I have my clothes ironed and ready to work, I am ready. I like this. A. Lot. I see the appeal in organization and planning now. I am going to make dinner for us tonight, and get my lunches ready for the week, and spend the evening relaxing. Early to bed because the alarm is going to go off early tomorrow. It will be a long, long day. Ugh....


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