21 May 2014

The journaling has begun

I decided to not wait at all and start it immediately. I wonder if the act of just having to write everything down will affect what I do. Hmmm...it will be an interesting social experiment if nothing else. I'm already on the 2nd page, this could be quite a tome when I'm done. After the last 2 days of WODs, I am sore. My shoulders, my abs, my back. Sore, sore, sore. It's a good sore, but I'm thinking today is a rest day. I plan on doing a WOD tomorrow and then going to Crossfit on Friday and Monday. Monday is Memorial Day and we will be doing Murph. Last year it took me 54 minutes. This year I am broken, so it will be interesting to see how long it takes me. All I know is that I am going to do it. I think today I will do some planning. I have no idea what teaching AP will be like so I need to work on that. Or, maybe I will work on cleaning... I don't know. I do need a to-do list though, I work really well with those. Well, I'm off to do something.

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