16 May 2014

This week....

My first full week off. Let us review what I have accomplished. I heard from the mother of the boy that needs tutoring. I spoke to her on Tuesday and she said she would get back to me...{crickets}..I do know that the final is next Friday and that he does not have school next week, so maybe that is what she is planning on. Whatever. I also talked to Michael about tours. I loved my tour guide job. Taking people around, introducing them to Hawaii, and being outside all day. I did love that job. I have not gotten back to them yet, I was supposed to call them on Wednesday, but I will today and get that ball rolling. I have spent the better part of two days sitting on my okole in front of my computer making a movie for a class. I had no idea it was going to take so long. Good thing I had the free time. It is still not done but pretty darn close. I would like to finish it today and get it posted that would be awesome. Tomorrow at the absolute latest. I have my final project from the other class due this weekend also, but that one should be fairly easy.

As a result of this project, I have not gotten a whole lot of activity in. I'm thinking of going to Crossfit tonight, but I'm not sure. Definitely going tomorrow. I have been walking the dogs, so I've been getting some movement in.

And that would be my week. I need to get moving on a job just because I can't do this. Sitting around will drive me absolutely batty. I do have a lot of cleaning to do. Maybe I will do that today, or at least get it started. This desk is a disaster. We'll see. Right now, it is time for breakfast.

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