Time to move

It kind of does. Even when I was running very regularly, I never got to the point where it didn't hurt somewhere. I guess in that way it's like Crossfit. It hurts, it generally demoralizes me, but I keep going back to it. And that's what I'm going to do today. Go back to running. For the last couple of days I have been sore from Crossfit on Saturday. Today, while still a little sore, I'm feeling a whole lot better. So it is time to get moving again. I could go to Crossfit, but I'm not really in the mood for that. So I think I'll run/walk and do a short WOD here. Then I will master OneNote. I have it and I intend to use it. Between OneNote and Evernote, I should be completely paperless and completely organized. Ha, we'll see how that goes. I just had to run off and change some passwords. I realized that I had been a little lax with some of my accounts and I needed to make sure they were secure from certain eyes. I have now enabled a two-step verification process and signed out from everything I was logged in to. Not that I have anything to hide, I just don't want them all up in my business. Having done that, I am now back to the workout stuff. But, that took about 30 minutes to change everything and add the two-step verification to all the accounts so now I've lost some interest. Ugh!! It's a fine line because sloth and motivation. Hmmm....this just gave me the spark of an idea for my thesis. I need to work on it and develop it more, but it just might work....hmmmm.....interesting.....Okay, now I'm hungry. So I have to decide, do I eat or workout? I think I'll probably eat.....


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