17 June 2014


It's funny how sickness goes, at least for me. I will wake up and feel like crap, spend the early part of the day in bed, then start to feel better. By the time I go to bed I generally feel about the best I've felt all day. I go to sleep and wake up feeling crappy and the cycle repeats itself. Each day though I feel a little bit better than the day before. The past 3 days, I've gotten up, fed the birds, had coffee and then ended up back on the couch napping. Today I actually stayed up. I've been up for almost 2 hours, woo hoo!!!! I can tell it's not going to be a perfect day, but it will be better than the last 3.

Having said that, there are some things I need to get done. I have 2 papers that were due on Sunday that I did not finish, I must get them done. I also have a discussion due tomorrow, I have to get that done. Luckily, that is about the extent of my to do list today. I think between bouts of naps I can get those done. If I can get them all turned in by tomorrow afternoon, I'll be very, very happy.

I hope to walk the dogs tonight. Really, I do. I love walking them and they love walking and I'm hoping I have enough energy to do that. I think if I plan carefully I can do it.

And food. My food has been either non-existent or completely insane. I need to get my food act together and that begins today. I'm going to go shower, make myself a nice breakfast, and then start working on my stuff until I need a short nap.

So there are my big plans for the day. Wish me luck.

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