07 June 2014

Determined to

too much time has been wasted these past few weeks. I'm completely over it. So today starts my more productive days. I have a whole list of things that I want to get done this summer, not the least of which is re-learning astronomy for a course I'm teaching next year. Yikes!!! So I have lots to do. I'm going to plan my days the night before and get things done. I'm also going to go to the beach. Repeatedly. I can read at the beach. Just to get out of the house and into some sunshine for a little while. I think I'm going to the beach on Tuesday with the girls from Crossfit. Actually, whether they go or not, I am going. Maybe one day I will bring my camera and just play with my camera at the beach. That will be fun. Also visit a cemetery. That would be awesome. Maybe go downtown and relive that trip I took with Amber when I had no card in my camera :( Yes, I have lots of school things to do, but I think I'm going to devote 2 days a week to fun things. That will help refresh my spirit.

Okay, today is an at home productive day because I was so lazy last week. I have to read an article and write a paper. I want to do that today because I want to talk Charlie into taking a cruise up north shore tomorrow just for fun. I also want to get a little cleaning done. I should say, my before Crossfit to-do list was done in less than an hour. Yeah me!!!! Okay, going to get ready for Crossfit.

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