06 June 2014


and yes, I am screaming!!! I have had enough. I am sick of tired of this. I am over it!!!! Okay, let me take a breath and calm down and try to explain. When I work, I constantly complain that I am tired and there is not enough time to do all the things I want to do. Now I have all the time in the world. I'm never tired because I can rest whenever I want to and I can do with my time what I want. So what exactly have I been doing. NOTHING!!! NOTHING!!! I spend most of my day sitting around on my big, fat as*. Why??? I have no good reason. NONE!!! Yes, I'm yelling sporadically. It stops right now and this time I really, truly mean it. I made a to do list today and got 12/14 items done. It was as simple as making a list. The only problem was that I was done by noon. Need to make a longer list. Hello!!!! I have got to get ahold of myself. I have let things go in every aspect of my life. No More!!! Tomorrow that all changes. Well, actually the change begins tonight, it just officially starts tomorrow. I am going to create a to do list for tomorrow. I am going to follow that to do list until everything is finished. I need to stop sitting around too. I spend too much time on this freaking computer. Okay, I'm fired up and angry. That's when changes happen.

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