29 June 2014


This has never been my strong suit. I try, lord knows I try, but I am just not a highly organized person. A while back, spring break I think, I worked hard to get things organized. I put things away, developed lists, worked on habits, and things were going great. As soon as school started back up it all went to hell. This summer I have not been able to get it back. Seriously, I try so hard and it just doesn't happen. Because of this lack of organization, I have fallen behind and am struggling to catch up. I had costumes to make last week and ended up spending all day Friday making them. All day. 11 hours!!! I had all week, but I didn't plan well enough and I had other commitments and boom. 11 hours Friday making costumes. Then, because I didn't plan well enough last week and spent 11 hours making costumes on Friday, I am now chained to the computer to try and get 2 papers done that are due today. UGH!!! I hate this. HATE IT!!! What this has done is renewed my desire to be more organized. I will conquer this beast if it's the last thing I do.

First, I'm going to clean off this desk. It has become a dumping ground for all sorts of nonsense. Second, I'm going to clean up the spare room, that is a disaster from the costume making. Third, I'm moving into the house. The kitchen has spiraled out of control as has the living room and bathroom. I'm going to get those in order. Finally, I'm going to work on my routines. Devote certain times during the day for certain things. Mornings are workouts and cleaning. Afternoons are schoolwork. Evenings are straightening up. Things like that. I have to get my routines back. I love, love, love routines.

Okay, I'm smart and capable, I can and will conquer this thing called organization.

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