30 June 2014

One more time - the rewind

So here we go again. Everytime I get a start something happens to derail me. Last week a whole bunch of stuff came up and I completely lost it. So it is Monday, a new day, a new week, let's give it another go.

Food: That has not been that out of control, but I have not been eating enough. So we are back to 3 meals, 2 snacks, and food every 3-4 hours. The 2 days I did that it was awesome, I felt amazing. So back at it. Water - my water is really hit or miss. Some days I drink gallons, other days not so much. So my goal is to drink 2 bottles of water - my hydroflask bottle. I fill that up before I go to Crossfit and at least one more time during the day. Must focus on water.

Exercise: Crossfit 5 days, that's the easy part. But I need to add more movement, specifically walking. I'm going to become a walking fool. I read a weight loss tip from a Paleo coach and he said walk. Maximum you should walk as much as you can, minimum you should walk as much as you can. So walking it is. I've got my treadmill set up so that I can work at it, but I haven't really been doing that. So today I walk. I'm thinking about wearing my Fitbit Flex again, I haven't worn it for a few weeks now. Hmmmm....maybe. So when I'm not doing something specific, I will be walking and working on schoolwork.

So, Day 1 all over again. Let's do this.

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