07 July 2014

Nightly Recap

Today was an interesting day. Hubby went off to Maui for the day so it was up early to drive him to the airport. After Crossfit, Terminix came to spray the house. We started their quarterly service about 2 years ago and have found it to be one of the best things ever. Living in Hawaii, roaches and bugs are pretty much a fact of life. I have never been able to keep bugs out of the house. Since starting Terminix we are a lot closer than we have ever been. The only roaches I see nowadays are dead or dying. So that was today. Then I spent about 90 minutes trying to deal with unemployment. OMG!!! Government workers are the worst ever!!!! I like to think that they are not like this on purpose. I prefer to imagine that it is the insane government rules and departments not having enough staff. At least in my fantasy land that is what's happening. I filed UI 2 months ago. After not hearing anything for 1 month I called. I was told that they were trying to confirm my job seperation with my previous employer. Okay, the guy outlined the number of calls he had made, the time limits given, etc. I said okay, I would wait. Today was 2 months and I have not heard anything in the last month. So, after dialing the UI office 40 times, I finally got through. The girl answered and put me on hold right away and I was going to stay on hold no matter how long it took. It took a good 5 minutes or so. When I finally got to my case worker he started telling me the lies my ex-employer was telling him. What a load of crap. It's not surprising though. The principal has a way of rewriting history to conform to their warped view of it. This person has the ability to play the victim like no other. Although the principal insists on making every single decision, they still manage to blame everyone but themselves when things go wrong. Never, for one minute, would this principal think they created this situation all by their self. Whatever. That principal will have to face the consequences of their actions at some point in time. Unfortunately, they will probably take the school down with them and that is too bad. I'm going to continue to fight for it just because no one ever stands up to this principal.

I did start writing a paper that is due on Wednesday. I want to finish that tomorrow and get it turned in. I also have to start working on my premise. I think I will begin that tomorrow. I need to find some old papers I've written and review them and put my premise together. I also need to check on a discussion and then write a new discussion. Tomorrow will be a lot of computer work and writing.

That was today. Frustrating but I am trying to maintain my calm. Just thinking about that place causes my blood pressure to rise. I am so glad to be out of that place. I can not wait for the new year to start. Of course, I need to get my planning hat on. I've done some planning but not enough. I need to get working on that. I guess I will spend the next 2 weeks working on all the things I need to get done. Yikes!! I guess that's what I get for enjoying myself for 2 months.

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