10 August 2014

One little thing

Since getting the pool, I spend a lot of time in a bathing suit. All of my bathing suits were old, faded, and the elastic was losing it's elastic. While out today we stopped at Kmart and I found this suit. It's a two-piece, tankini kind of thing. I absolutely love it. The bottom is generous to cover my butt and the top fits perfectly. It is amazing how one small thing can just change your attitude all around. I feel so good in this suit. I am so comfortable. I can wear it all day. And I will wear it all day as I jump in and out of the pool - it's hot here today. But this one small thing has just turned my attitude right around.

Before going to Kmart, we went to Costco. There were a few things we needed. Somewhere over the course of this weekend, I made the decision to clean up my eating. I'm not sure when, where, or why that happened. I do know there was not talking, debating, compromising, or anything else. My brain at some point just said enough. While in Costco I bought salad stuff, so I could have big salads all week. I have some cooking planned for today to prep me for next week and apparently that is that. Weird, but good. I like when my brain decides things without consulting me. Between the decision to clean up my eating and the new bathing suit, I should have my act together in no time at all.

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