28 September 2014

I feel renewed

This weekend has renewed my spirit, my faith, my determination, and my mind. I feel so much better right now, at the end of the weekend, then I did at the beginning a mere 48 hours ago. Amazing how quickly things can change. I woke up this morning and did my school work, that felt good. I then packed up and headed off to Crossfit. I was a little sore from yesterdays throwdown but I needed to move some more. The WOD was brutal: 5 rounds of 3 minute AMRAP - 3 deadlifts, 6 box jumps, 1 wall walk - 1 minute rest between rounds. It was tough. But it felt awesome to be pushing my body and making it do work. After that we had the Weekend Warrior challenge: 4 minutes on the clock, row 500m, then as many double unders as possible. Took me 2:38 to row 500m then in ~90 seconds I got 16 doubleunders. Not bad considering I had just done a brutal WOD and I suck at double unders. I was pleased. Came home tired, sweaty, sore, and feeling amazing. Have felt amazing all day. Sore though. Starting to get really sore. But tomorrow morning it's back to Crossfit again.

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