19 September 2014

Staring at the screen

I've been sitting here staring at the screen for about 20 minutes and just can't seem to get started writing. Very unusual for me. I have a lot of things I want to write about, I just can't seem to get started. So let's take it one by one.

First, I'm completely exhausted. I have been most of the week. I'm not exactly sure why and it's bugging me. There is a number of possibilities and I think it's a combination of them all. First, a new school. Whenever you go to a new school it is similar to the first year. Not exactly, but similar. So there is that. Then there is having 45 minute classes, when I used to have 90 minute classes, and to seeing the kids every single day. I used to go days without seeing some of my students. I'm not complaining, I like this better, it is just exhausting. I used to create a lesson plan and it would take at least 2 days because the classes were spread over 2 days. Sometimes I didn't have to write a new lesson plan for 3 days because I wouldn't be seeing the kids. Now I need 4 lesson plans every single day of the week. That is a lot of work. So I think adjusting to the new school is taking it's toll on me.

Second, I'm on a no sugar/no wheat challenge for 31 days - I'm on day 5. It is always a struggle at the beginning as your body adjusts. So that could definitely be part of it.

Third, I'm trying to get into the habit of going to Crossfit at 5 am. This week I made it 2 out of 3 days. That makes me tired.

Fourth, I'm trying to switch my sleep schedule to work for Crossfit. I've started going to bed 30-40 minutes earlier than I normally do. I think, in a way, that is making me more tired as my body adjusts to a different schedule.

So there it is. Lots going on. Lots changing and I'm freaking tired. Really, really tired.

How am I planning on dealing with all this? Well, keep my schedule to adjust to it. Keep doing 5 am Crossfit to adjust to it. Keep doing the challenge to adjust to it. Spend an hour on the weekends planning the week to take that pressure off me during the week. The thing I am worried about is fall break. In 2 weeks - 2 weeks I can not believe it - we have a one week break. I'm afraid I'm going to lose any adjustments I've made over that week. I will have to work hard not to. Right now I need to eat dinner and get ready for bed :)

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