26 October 2014


One of the reasons that my computer desk was such a disaster is that I had some mail on it that I did not want to face. Rather then open them and face the music, I've been throwing them on the pile and avoiding it. That was my goal today, to face that. I went through all the mail piled on the desk. I opened every piece and filed it away. That led to a major clean out of my file cabinet and a reorganization of my files. What did I find in those letters that I was avoiding? Nothing earth shattering. Nothing that should have caused all that stress and worry for so long. I can be such an idiot. Not only is my desk clean, but my entire room has been cleaned and organized. Wow! It is amazing how paralyzing fear can be. I was so afraid of those letters that I was frozen and couldn't do anything. Amazing. Now I feel so free and light. Seriously. I feel like I've lost 10 lbs. I know that was why I felt so fat. Stress.... I cannot begin to tell you how great I feel. I am now off to clean the rest of my house.

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